Ørsted Ølbar is our first bar and we cherish it as a first born…

In 2013 We were happy to open the doors to our new bar, Søernes Ølbar at Østerbro at Sortedams Dosseringen 83.
The location is great and we are looking forward to see you all in our new surroundings soon.
With 20 beertaps and many different beers on bottle, we hope to satisfy your thirst for good quality beer…
Table reservation is not possible.

Ørsted/Søernes Ølbar and Social Responsibility: We are extremely grateful that so many people like our bar, and grateful to be in such a lovely place as Copenhagen. We have a sense of responsibility to the society that we are part of. We support “Hus Forbi” and “Pantbørsen” by giving all of our bottles to these two fine initiatives. We also replaced some of our tap equipment with an air pressured system for our key kegs. This means that we save a lot of CO2 and only use a relatively small amount of energy to power our key kegs. The empty key kegs that we produce, we donate to the artist group known as “Laila” https://www.facebook.com/LailaFest?viewer_id=770546803 They produce a lot of cool street art etc. with some of those 30 ltr. plastic containers!
We are always interested if our business can support local initiatives…

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